Monday, February 16, 2009



Ezzy buddy tawking bout dis one!!!

After seeing it, there's a very good fucking reason everyone's in giggles about it. The story is beautiful and dark. Like I think everything in the world should be because I am a gothic princess. I like anything that feels like a well written dream, and that's what I got from this animated gem. Oh, no big deal of anything but, IT'S IN 3D (see picture). I forget the actual number, but I think it makes a movie around fifty times better, always.

Teri Hatcher was a great choice for the "other mother," her frightening bone structure just reverbs through her voice, gross. I forget the director's name but it's the same dude from nightmare before christmas, no tim burton actually didn't direct that if you didn't know and felt like feelin dumb right now. ah, looked it up, Henry Selick. He also did James and the Giant Peach and Monkeybone.  Remember Monkeybone, that weird shit with Brenden Fraser? It is redundant to state "weird shit" and "Brenden Fraser" in the same sentence? Who cares huh, yeah fuck it.

Yesterday I also watched a freaky little thing called Tokyo Gore Police. Disgusting, mildly amusing, mostly just too kinkfuckgore for me and I would have liked it to move better, but asian movies have that weird pace sometimes. It was an employee pick at Videorama on Alberta, Mimi and I concluded it was a sick joke. Or someone working there is a boob. BOTH BOTH BOTH.

Also I was half asleep and watched Robocop 2. UHHHHHH GAAWWWWW SEW BHED. The first one is so retardedly enjoyable, I was really bummed. It's not directed by Paul Verhoeven, unlike the first one, so that should have been a clue. I'm not sure if I can watch the third guy, but I'm sure I'll need to kill four hours again soon.

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tinyredhands said...

yeah man. tokyo gore police wasn't even bad in the way i wanted it to be. it was just generally bad in the way that it made my tiny brain hurt. gahh. let's rent something good tonight. my treat!