Monday, November 17, 2008

oh hello!

I'm certainly not a movie goer. I just don't think modern day movies are worth going to see. However I think this movie restored my faith in cinema again. It was wonderfully eerie and beautifully executed. The cinematography was gorgeous. Also, I apparently would rly like to touch all Swedish people naked.

Reflections from the night:

"Is that what a 12 yr old tranny's anti-vajayjay looks like???" -mimi

This was after catching a glimpse of the vampire Eli's vagine.

Natalie seemed to be a little spooked, I think the beers we sneaked in didn't help her anxiety with scary movies. Don't be mislead, this movie wasn't the least bit scary. It does tend to make you a bit nervous at times.

My friend Loni apparently wanted to marry the 12 yr old main character, Oskar. I think we might have to look up the statutory laws in Sweden before that happens

*Overall I highly rate this movie a hot tranny mess from transylvania, in a good way. Go see it if you haven't already.


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