Monday, November 17, 2008

oh hello!

I'm certainly not a movie goer. I just don't think modern day movies are worth going to see. However I think this movie restored my faith in cinema again. It was wonderfully eerie and beautifully executed. The cinematography was gorgeous. Also, I apparently would rly like to touch all Swedish people naked.

Reflections from the night:

"Is that what a 12 yr old tranny's anti-vajayjay looks like???" -mimi

This was after catching a glimpse of the vampire Eli's vagine.

Natalie seemed to be a little spooked, I think the beers we sneaked in didn't help her anxiety with scary movies. Don't be mislead, this movie wasn't the least bit scary. It does tend to make you a bit nervous at times.

My friend Loni apparently wanted to marry the 12 yr old main character, Oskar. I think we might have to look up the statutory laws in Sweden before that happens

*Overall I highly rate this movie a hot tranny mess from transylvania, in a good way. Go see it if you haven't already.


Beginning to get things?

Welcome! Mimi and I literally just thought of the idea for this blog. Now, only in speaking in general and funny terms, Mimi isn't a big movie person and I (Natalie) am not a big music person. We just don't mesh well. Our hope with this blog is to a) inform others of our horrible opinions, and b) enlighten our own understanding of some iffy subjects of ours.

So, let's get the goin goin!

Mimi really likes Love Is All. They are playing Saturday at backspace with Vivian Girls and Nodzzz.
Natalie liked Love Is All especially the video for Wishing Well because of the moving shiny people.

"Aww she's so small"

Then we looked up Vivian Girls.

"boring town, why do grrrrrrllzzzz always make music like this when they get together? it's either that or campfire music, I just don't get it."

Then Nodzzz.


Then Natalie wanted to know what the hell The Hold Steady was because she made reference to it without actually hearing them.

"whatever they sound dumb."

then she heard it, here's what happen:

Hilarity ensued.

Tonight Mimi and Natalie are going to see Let The Right One In. Mimi is scared of Swedish children because she knows they are capable of being much taller and blonder than she. Natalie thinks they are hot. Vampires!

Stay Tuned!